Fourteen years experience creating and delivering new products and services at the strategy, portfolio and unit level


Hi there! I am Erik Almenberg and I work at the experience design agency Doberman as Innovation Director. I manage a number of client relationships and our team of Design Directors, always with an eye to evolving our Service Design offering. Prior to Doberman I worked at Motorola on new products and services in the convergence of smartphones, tablets, computers and TV.

My background spans strategy, product, interaction and brand in both software and hardware sectors, in corporations and consulting firms. My education is dominated by design, blended with business and technology. Design is a strong asset in a time where focus on understanding consumers, holistic thinking and creativity are proving increasing valuable to business. Most recently I received an Master of Design Methods (MDM) from the Institute of Design in Chicago, lauded by Business Week and others as an emerging leader in education for repeatable, successful innovation.

My work style is highly collaborative and I thrive in cross-functional team, often in the role of facilitator. Some people call me "the glue". I believe in mixing analytics and intuition, always striving for productization.

I am highly passionate about my work, but I do have other interests too. I regularly read (mostly fiction and biographies), cook, and practice photography. For sports, I love sailing, skiing, surfing and basketball. More recently I have picked up yoga, a wonderful balance to the others.

If you found this website and we have been out of touch, or perhaps we have never met and should be introduced, go ahead and send me an email. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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